Vet Gold

Total Gold Equine Supplement


Total Gold supports hoof, bone, joint, soft tissue, coat, and all vitamin and mineral requirements. Unique patent Veterinary formulation designed to be a complete supplement to support hooves, bones, joints, soft tissue and coat, in addition to supporting all the essential daily vitamin, mineral and amino acid requirements of a horse.

  • A unique patent elite veterinary formulation designed with all the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to suit all a horse’s daily requirements PLUS the hooves, bones, soft tissue, coat, and joints.
  • Includes all the ingredients of ALL our products: Hoof Gold, Bone Gold, and Coat Gold, and a large range of pharmaceutical grade compounds to provide a comprehensive supplement product.
  • One product covers all!
  • Provides the same results clinically and radiographically as Hoof Gold with incremental hoof wall and sole growth.
  • Provides the same clinical results with coat repair in acute and chronic skin cases.
  • Provides the same successful clinical and radiographic results as Bone Gold with radiographic evidence of assisting fracture healing times.
  • Ultrasound reports shortened tendon healing periods.
  • Easy and economical to use compared with a multiple supplement solution.
  • Avoids the chemical binding and potential neutralisation that can occur when mixing multiple brands and products.
  • Laboratory manufactured (APVMA Certified) with guaranteed quality analysis.
  • Not manufactured in a feed warehouse.
  • 100% Australian-made and manufactured – NOT imported.
  • Made for Australian conditions.

Directions for use:

30 g scoop included.

Feed Rates
Up to 350 kg: 1 scoop daily
350-650 kg: 2 scoops daily
Over 650 kg: 3 scoops daily

For remedial hoof conditions, including trauma and laminitis, any bone injury or arthritic condition and any acute skin condition, add an additional scoop to the recommended daily rate.

As a supplement TOTAL GOLD is a convenient powder that binds well in a moistened feed, bran mash, molasses, or water.