QHP Ontario Breastplate


The QHP Ontario Breastplate features a five-point design, complete with a removable martingale fork and imitation fur lining on the shoulders and chest. Its primary purpose is to prevent the saddle from shifting backwards. The elastic material, adorned with white stripes, offers enhanced freedom of movement and shock absorption.

  • Five-point breast plate with removable martingale
  • Features an imitation fur lining on the shoulders and chest
  • The imitation fur lining is removable and machine washable
  • Features soft leather lining at the withers, chest straps and girth
  • Easy to attach to the girth with a snap
  • Equipped with elastic with white stripes for better freedom of movement
  • Adjustable at different points
  • Material: leather
  • Material lining:Β polyester
  • Material hardware:Β stainless steel, brass