QHP Helmet Cover with Pom Pom


The QHP Helmet Cover with pom pom has a plaid print. On the side is the text: 'Keep calm & focus'. It can be used with helmets with or without visor and the visor of the cover does not obstruct during a fall and is not dangerous. The cover matches with the products of the Q-Cross collection and is the perfect way to complete the riders outfit!Β 

Fabric composition: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex


TheΒ QHP Helmet Cover is part of the QHP Q-Cross range. To find other matching products in the Q-Cross range check out the 'Collections' menu. The entire Q-Cross range is available to order with EveryDay Equestrian in all colour options! To see examples of Q-Cross matching sets also check out the 'QHP Matching Sets' under the 'Collections' Menu!