QHP Hind Leg Technical Eventing Boots


The QHP Hind Leg Technical Eventing Boots are specially designed for eventing.

They are light weight and dirt repellent, do not absorb water, provide maximum freedom of movement, and are made from high quality materials. Four polyethylene plates protect the hind leg tendons when hitting obstacles and the rear underside of the boot is made from Kevlar for extra protection, strength, and durability. The flexible material forms around the leg for a precise fitting with three strong Velcro straps of which the middle one is with elastic. The boots are made from breathable materials that also prevent the legs from over heating.

The QHP Hind Leg Technical Eventing Boots are part of the QHP Q-Cross range and as such have the Q-Cross logo on them. To find other matching products in the Q-Cross range check out the 'Collections' menu. The entire Q-Cross range is available to order with EveryDay Equestrian in all colour options! To see examples of Q-Cross matching sets also check out the 'QHP Matching Sets' under the 'Collections' Menu!

Material outside: 2520 Denier Polyester, Microfiber Leather, Kevlar

Material lining: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), Sandwich Mesh

Material plate: Polyethylene

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Length: S: 26 cm, M: 29,5 cm, L: 32 cm, XL: 35 cm