QHP Eldorado Memory Foam Half Pad


The QHP Eldorado Half Pad has memory foam that molds perfectly to both the saddle and horse for the ultimate fit, pressure distribution, and impact cushioning. With a suede top and fleece bottom, this pad stays firmly in place between your saddle and saddle pad. Top it off with a vibrant cord in your favorite color, and you're ready to ride!

Fabric composition outside: 100% polyester

Material filling: polyurethane

TheΒ QHP Eldorado Half PadΒ is part of the QHP Q-Cross range and as such has the Q-Cross logo on the left hand side. To find other matching products in the Q-Cross range check out the 'Collections' menu. The entire Q-Cross range is available to order with EveryDay Equestrian in all colour options! To see examples of Q-Cross matching sets also check out the 'QHP Matching Sets' under the 'Collections' Menu!