QHP Eldorado All Purpose Saddle Pad


The QHP Eldorado AP saddle pad is anatomically shaped to fit the horses back preventing rubbing and sitting comfortably under close contact jumping saddles  frequently used during eventing. The pad is interchangeable and can also be used under different style jumping saddles for different disciplines . The saddle pad has a honeycomb stitch pattern complimented by a honeycomb lined fabric that absorbs sweat well. Other features include short D-ring straps with Velcro and girth loops, decoration with small cord in striking colours and a luxurious suede piping around the edge. This really is a stunning saddle pad available in a range of colours at a truly affordable price!

The QHP Eldorado AP saddle pad is part of the QHP Q-Cross range and as such has the Q-Cross logo on the left hand side. To find other matching products in the Q-Cross range check out the 'Collections' menu. The entire Q-Cross range is available to order with EveryDay Equestrian in all colour options! To see examples of Q-Cross matching sets also check out the 'QHP Matching Sets' under the 'Collections' Menu!