PEI Passaggio Riding Boot


These stylish long leather horse riding boots are crafted from high-quality European and German leather, creating a supple and comfortable wear from the first use. The traditional knee-high length is embellished with a leather embossed croc detailing for a sophisticated appearance during everyday leisure or competition use.

The Passaggio design allows for a close-contact, contoured fit which elongates the rider’s leg and offers flexibility around the ankle through the addition of the modern elastic laced field boot design. German Aniline leather is integrated into the inside of the calf; aiding grip in the saddle and soft-touch communication with the sides of the horse.

The freedom of movement that these long riding boots provide makes them perfect for use in jumping, dressage and eventing. The technology helps to provide stability in the lower leg position, allowing for concise leg aids and clear communication between you and your horse. A discreet elastic panel runs down the rear length of the boot towards the heel for a made-to-measure feel.

The heel of the boot incorporates a supple leather spur guard which wraps over the base of the zip providing protection and adding to the hard-wearing properties of this ladies riding boot. A subtle spur rest adds security to the artificial aids. Traditional handmade soles add a durable grip to these leather boots and the non-slip tread allows for secure footing on most outdoor equestrian surfaces and in the stirrup irons. The shock-absorbing cushioning system creates targeted support to the heel and arch of the rider's foot.

*Please note - from 1/1/2024 it will no longer be possible to return riding boots to us for refund or exchange unless the return relates to a warranty issue. If you need help with sizing information please contact us*