Majyk Equipe

Majyk Equipe Half Pad with Wither Relief & Impact Shims


Majyk Equipe ‘Ergonomics’ Full Fleece Correction Half Pad with Impact Protection Shims combines natural cushioning and moisture wicking qualities of sheepskin with ultimate impact protection.

Made from hi-loft 1.25 inch Australian Sheepskin for an ultimate luxury feel. It features unique Split Wither Relief and Spine Relief technology to relieve pressure, two front and rear pockets for shims, and customizable impact protection material.


• High-Loft, Dense Wool Fleece
• Spine Relief Technology for Maximum Spine Clearance
• Wither Relief Technology for Maximum Wither Clearance
• Customizable Impact Protective Shims
• Durable, High Quality Construction
• Hand Wash & Air Dry - Remove Inserts
• Ideal for AP or Jumping Saddles.

Sold as a single unit. Full set of shims included.