Majyk Equipe

MAJYK EQUIPE® Boyd Martin Eventing Kit (Fronts And Hinds)


This 4 Pack of eventing boots features our Generation 2 original design. The boots are constructed from a super strong but lightweight rip-stop material bonded over a breathable mesh that flexes with the horse's movement. No glue is used so the boots will not separate.

Inside the boot is a four-way flexion strike plate designed to work with a horse’s movement and form a hard wall when faced with impact. Finished with long adjustable straps and double stitched tabs and lined with a non-neoprene bio-foam interior, this foam is super soft but grips the horse’s leg. The lightweight foam has extra large perforations, to help prevent heat build-up so air can circulate.

The boots are designed to repel water and dust over all kinds of terrain and are quick drying.The boots are packaged in a clear reusable boot bag, perfect for storing the boots.

Sold as a four pack - front boots and hind boots are included in the pack 

FEATURES: • Ripstop TPU bonded to Mesh • Neoprene Free Bio Foam Liner • 4 Way Flex Strike Guard • Double Stitched Finishes • Adjustable Straps • Free Boot Bag Included