Majyk Equipe

Majyk Equipe Ergonomics Contoured Jump Girth with Detachable Liner


Majyk Equipe Ergonomics 'SuperHorse' Girth is the perfect girth to offer an ergonomic fit while providing shoulder relief for your horse. Inside the girth is a removable Bio Foam (non-neoprene) Liner.

This is the perfect all-purpose girth, ideal for schooling and showing. The sturdy outer is made of a durable Ballistic Nylon making for a tough, long-lasting girth. The girth features a stabilizing center plate and a magnetic D ring which can be used with training aids but neatly tucks away to a magnetic base when not in use. Two more 'D' rings are at either end of the girth.

The non-neoprene inner liner is anti fungal and anti bacterial and does not create the heat build up and bacterial environment often associated with both petroleum and limestone based neoprene making it the perfect choice for sensitive horses. The bio foam liner also features a tackiness for grip while still allowing maximum air flow. Stainless Steel Roller buckles and elastic fittings allow for a large range of adjustment while the central stabilizing plate prevents the girth from digging into sensitive areas and takes away any need to over tighten. The ergonomic design provides a more comfortable experience for your horse.

Features: • Contoured Shape for Ultimate Comfort • Durable Ballistic Nylon Outer • Anti Bacterial/Anti Fungal (Non Neoprene) Bio Foam Liner • Features 3 D-Rings – Can be Used with Training Aids • High Quality Stainless Steel Roller Buckles • Perfect for all Disciplines Available in Monoflap & All Purpose.

Available in 46 - 52 inch size. Measured from buckle ends.

Please Note: Our girths are made of High Quality Elastic that may feel stiff to begin with. This will ease up with use but prevents stretching out as can happen with lower quality elastics.