Majyk Equipe

Limited Edition Majyk Equipe Colour Elite Eventing Boots (4 Pack)


The Majyk Equipe XC Elite Boot, now available in this exclusive Limited Edition set.  Act fast to get your hands on this coveted best seller - very limited inventory!

The set contains:

1 Pair Front XC Elite Boots

1 Pair Hind XC Elite Boots

As worn by the Olympic USA EVENTING TEAM the XC Elite is a top-of-the-line XC series boot chosen by Olympic riders. It features a lightweight ripstop and breathable mesh outer layer, four-way flex strike guard, ARTi-LAGE technology for ultimate protection, and a unique bio-foam interior. The boot is easy to clean thanks to its "Forever Clean" coating.  ARTi-LAGE is a dilatant material lining the strike area, which is soft and pliable but hardens when struck to deflect impact and disperse energy. The XC Color Elite Boot is the only XC Boot that offers this dual protection.

Sold in a 4 pack