QHP Anatomical Bitless Bridle


The QHP Anatomical Bitless Bridle features a unique curved shape that is specifically designed to avoid the nerves and sensitive points of the horse's head. This design increases the comfort and safety for those horses with heightened sensitivity on their head. Additionally, the noseband is designed to sit higher up on the nose, avoiding the sensitive lower part, and does not press against the molars, eliminating any potential irritation of the mouth. Available in both black and brown.

  • Material:Β leatherΒ 
  • Material hardware:Β brass
  • Avoids as much important facial nerves as possible and distributes pressure evenly
  • The specially shaped nose band ensures that the cheekbone and the attachment of the facial nerve are free
  • The noseband is higher on the nose, avoiding the more sensitive lower part of the nose
  • The noseband avoids the teeth and prevents irritation in the mouth
  • Anatomical extra wide headpiece that keeps the ear free and distributes pressure evenly
  • The crown piece minimizes pressure on the neck band
  • Headpiece, noseband and the buckle of the noseband are softly padded
  • Waved browband decorated with rhinestones
  • Supplied with matching web reins with clips
  • Clean the leather with a cleaner and then rub it in with leather balm. Preferably do not use leather oil, as this can cause the stitching to come looseΒ 

Size Chart