Mrs Ros

Mrs. Ros Set of 3 Wooden Grooming Brushes


Only one set left!

The Mrs. Ros Grooming Brush Set covers all your grooming needs. Packed with three of our top quality wooden brushes for a happy, healthy horse. It makes the perfect gift for the equestrian who has it all!

Our Easy Grip Dandy Brush is a stiff horse brush that is gentle on the skin but strong enough to loosen stubborn dirt, hair, and dried mud. Made with natural fibers, the brush is flexible while also maintaining sturdy bristles for the best results.

Our Soft Face Brush is one of our favorites! It's made of wool, so it's gentle on the sensitive areas of the horse's face. It gently knocks away any dirt or hairs that have come loose.

Grooming Delux Brush is another stiff horse brush with an easy to grip handle. The brush are slightly curved so that they nicely follow the contours of the horses. It can be used on the horse's body in short swipes to knock the loose particles from the horse's coat.

All of our brushes are made with natural fibers for a polished, shiny coat.

Key Features:

  • All Natural Bristles
  • Easy Grip Wooden Base

Washing Instructions:
Clean your brushes by dampening it with soap and warm water. Rinse well to make sure it lasts.