Cryochaps Back Pack Cooler

The Cryochaps Cool Bag is a multi-functional bag. It has 4 pockets, a drinks holder on the side and an elasticated mesh on the front, to hold secure those light items such as sponges, towels whips and sweat scrapers. It has been designed in rucksack form to be able to carry all the essentials at a competition and have both hands free, or it can be used as a picnic rucksack for those days out to keep your lunch and drinks cool. There is an extra carry handle on the top for ease of carrying.
There are 2 large internal pockets, one of which has been specially designed to keep Cryochaps frozen, with thick foam padding and foil lining. This pocket will take one K2F Quad set. Tests have shown that with one Cryochaps K2F quad set inside this cooling compartment, starting from a temp of -24 degrees, it will take 6 hours to get to -15 degrees (ambient of 22 degrees) which is still ideal for 10 mins of cooling on the leg .
The two smaller pockets on the front are great for the little things, studs, gloves, hoof picks, hairnets, those small objects that get lost in the bottom of big bags.
A truly multi-functional bag for when you are on the go, and need an extra level of cooling.