Our Suppliers


QHP BV, was founded in 2005 and since then we have designed and developed a large assortment of products for both rider and horse. With a wide selection and attractive pricing, our products are very popular.

We are a young European team who are active in all levels of equestrian sports ourselves. We are inspired by the latest trends and our lively, colourful and fashionable assortment is very dynamic and subject to constant development. QHP stands for Quality Horse Products and Quality is what it is all about. We recognize as that the users of our products expect high standards and value for money, as we require the best for ourselves and our horses too. For this reason we test all of our new products to ensure durability and functionality. Our products are manufactured by carefully selected partners to ensure only the best end result for our customers. 

Woof Wear

In 1981, Louise Woof pioneered the 'Woof Boot' - the first brushing boot to be made from neoprene. This was a major innovation compared with the traditional leather boots at the time as it meant that horses could be protected with boots that were light, durable and easy to care for.

For more than thirty years now Woof Wear has been at the forefront of equestrian protection and our products are being valued equally by leisure riders, professionals and even the Police Forces across the UK. Not least we are very proud to be the producer of the UK's best selling general-purpose brushing boot!

We see it as an essential part of our business to listen to you, our customers, and to implement suggestions from everyone out there ‘in the wild’. By incorporating testing and feedback from riders at local and international level, we develop trusted, practical and comfortable products for horse and rider.

Furthermore through sponsoring equestrian organisations, teams and individuals we are able to contribute directly back into equestrian sport. This is also a great way to gain valuable feedback for product development.

Having design and development at the heart of the brand, Woof Wear offer products that are hard-wearing and easy to care for and will be a staple part of your tack room or lorry kit for many years to come.

Another element in the ‘Woof Wear-Philosophy’ is our enthusiasm about the latest technology - we love to try out new materials and to embrace knowledge from different sporting disciplines in order to offer the best possible protection for you and your horse.

From our offices in the beautiful Cornish countryside, we not only manage the design and development but also the delivery of your beloved goods all to destinations across the UK and internationally. '

Finally, great care is taken to ensure that every product meets tough international quality standards. So whether you compete at international level or are a happy hacker, you can always rely on Woof Wear to provide the highest quality as standard at an affordable cost.


With origins in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1960s, the Zilco group is now a pre-eminent supplier of equestrian products worldwide.

Zilco's staff include specialists from a variety of equestrian disciplines. This knowledge and experience, coupled with constant market research, is the driving force for our in-house design team.

Zilco have always been innovators, using modern materials with the latest ideas - all of which are tested extensively before a product is released.