Sponsored Riders and Ambassadors

Jessica Hill - Sponsored Rider

My name is Jessica Hill, I am a CCN1* Eventer based in the Murraylands in South Australia. Currently successfully competing in 1* with my horse ESB Irish Illusion (Louie), with plans to move up to 2*.

In recent years I’ve been lucky enough to represent South Australia at three National Championships, the last one being in 2019 with Louie where we placed 7th individually and 2nd as a SA Eventing squad.

I’ve recently purchased a weaning from Kenlock Park Stud with hopes he will be my future superstar.

My main goal is to compete at the Australian International 3 Day Event which I have been both a spectator and volunteer at in the past. My other goals and aspirations involve qualifying for and competing at the Melbourne International and Sydney International Horse Trials.

I extremely excited to be apart of the Everyday Equestrian team and journey. I can’t wait to see it grow into something incredible.

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Lyndal Yelavich - Sponsored Rider


My name is Lyndal Yelavich. I am an eventing rider, trainer and coach, based just out of Sydney, NSW.

I have been extremely lucky to have spent my entire life, working in a job and sport I love. It's given me great exposure to the equestrian and racing world, with priceless first hand knowledge, gained from, without question, the best in the game. 

Currently, I am employed as a manager to a new and exciting, world class, equestrian centre which is currently under construction. Very exciting times ahead. Watch this space!!

I have a small team of horses that we had huge plans for this season, but given the global pandemic, we've had to re-shuffle and set new goals.

That's okay! It's meant that I can be more creative and patient with my training of the younger horses and has allowed more time to strengthen and condition the older ones.

My horse of a lifetime, without a doubt, is my 10 year old, 3 star eventing warmblood mare, Riggles. Affectionately, she's known as the Unicorn, but in reality, she is gritty and tough down the core, as all good mares are. She's had so many huge successes so far, including an Australian Title at 1 star level, several wins and placings at State titles in both eventing and dressage, too many CNC National level eventing wins to mention and great success at 1 and 2 star International FEI level.

The plan was to take her to Adelaide 3 star this year, but that will now be a bucket list item for next year!

In a close second for favourite, is my young black Thoroughbred gelding, Donny. He was ready to make an eventing debut at the start of this year, again, that's all changed so we keep tacking away and building strong foundations and working on the partnership. Donny will also step into the hack ring this year; out of my comfort zone, but with his swanning good looks, he will certainly be noticed!

These two, extremely talented horses, are owned by my long time supporter and employer, Karen Miller.

Undoubtedly the most exciting young horse on my team is my jet black warmblood stallion, Wilkens Estate Viking. 

This 4yo has the entire world at his feet. Not only is he a knockout in his presence, his pedigree, temperament and ability are far exceeding our expectations. He really is going to set the scene on fire. 

Finally, the 5 year old, grey warmblood mare, Wilkens Estate Silver Belle. Again, everything I can ever ask for, type, temperament, ability, pedigree and style. Both these two are owned in partnership with Wilkens Estate Stud in Orange, NSW.

I have a couple of pretty special off the track thoroughbreds we are schooling in the back ground but without a doubt, they will make a grand entrance in the near future.

Given the lack of FEI and local events locked in for the foreseeable future, I've taken the opportunity to spend my weekends I would have been competing, travelling to our regional areas to offer some coaching and training for those families that have been affected by the devastations of 2020. Drought, flood and fire have made it very tough for all our country friends, so this was a way to keep me focused, driven, active and most importantly, to give to those that simply can't afford such luxuries in these trying and sometimes desperate times.

I can literally talk all day, but I'll wrap up now, with a huge thank you to Everyday Equestrian, for coming on to my team as sponsors for 2020.

This is a company that in their infancy, has really stood out as far as service, quality and selection of products go. I'm truly grateful to represent you guys this year, I'm looking forward to our new partnership!

Bring it on!



Follow Lyndal on Instagram @lyndal_emadilo


Stacey Inge - Sponsored Rider

"My name is Stacey Inge and I am 21 years old from Adelaide, South Australia.

I first started riding at 15 years of age, where I fell in love with the sport. Since then, I have been learning and re-educating my OTTB, Frosty. Unfortunately due to injury, Frosty was retired in 2019. In 2020, I purchased my current event horse, Sparky. ‘Va Va Voom’ and I started competing eventing at Eva80 and showjumping above 80cm. Within the next few years, I hope to compete Eva95 and eventually at 1* level.

In my spare time I study full time at university in the Master of Audiology, all while living with Type 1 Diabetes. I have been a regular customer at Everyday Equestrian and love the vision just as much as the high quality, stylish and affordable products!

You can find me on most social media platforms using my name or “stacey.eq”!"